Friday, August 12, 2016

Butterfly: A short story

 By Alex Schaeffer

(Note: Alex has been telling stories since she could talk. This story as typed thanks to Alex's great aunt, Evelyn Lowry).

Once there was a little girl Butterfly Girl. She looked so beautiful because she liked simple and old fashioned. Then she saw a winter house. She saw a girl named Snowflake Girl. She knew she was Snowflake Girl because the girl liked Snow and had snow powers. Butterfly Girl crawled under a tunnel. She was inside a snow house. Snowflake Girl walked close to Butterfly Girl. Butterfly Girl picked up a ball of snow. Snowflake Girl also picked up a ball of snow. Butterfly Girl walked closer to Snowflake Girl. The two girls walked even closer. Snowflake Girl walked two steps closer and the girls held hands.

Snowflake Girl’s father came. He shook Butterfly Girl’s hand. Snowflake Girl made a snow mountain. There was a snow house inside the mountain. It started to snow inside the house. Butterfly Girl is in the house too. She stayed inside the snowy house even though it was hard. The girls heard a big thunk!

There was a witch was outside the house. The witch tried to take the house. It was too heavy for her to carry. Butterfly Girl’s sister, Flower Girl came and saw the witch. Butterfly Girl said, “Sister, What are you doing here?” Flower Girl said, “I was looking for you.”

Their special parents called them. “It is supper time!” Flower Girl and Butterfly Girl ran to their house. The witch saw Snowflake Girl. The witch yelled, “Turn Around!” Snowflake Girl turned around. Snowflake Girl screamed! Snowflake Girl ran away. The witch yelled, “Come Back.” Snowflake Girl stopped. She turned around. Butterfly Girl and Flower Girl came back. Butterfly Girl stared at Snowflake Girl because the witch was trying to destroy her.

Butterfly Girl asked, “Are you OK?” Snowflake Girl said “I could feel better but I am ok.” All three girls had scared the witch away.